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This is not the best cannibal movie in the world, it is just a tribute. It is in fact, Eli Roth’s tribute to the greatest of all cannibal movies, Cannibal Holocaust. Created by Eli Roth in 2013 and released in 2015 this is so far the last of a great genre of horror.

I didn’t know what to make of The Green Inferno at first as I’d heard it was going to be a remake (not tribute) of the legendary “Cannibal Holocaust” from 1980. Of course the film started off with a completely different premise to “Cannibal”. After the first half an hour I’d written this off to misinformation and had mentally adjusted myself to the fact that it was infact a different movie. Besides what would they have to gain by recreating one of the filthiest, goriest, most disturbing movies ever? 

The plot of The Green Inferno

The story starts on campus where a bunch of freshman students with good intentions get railroaded by campus shitbag, “Alejrando” into going to South America to save some forests. `After some substantial complications the mission eventually succeeds. The group head out of the forest only to have the plane they exit in come crashing down not that far away. In cannibal country.

A lucky few of the group die early in the plane crash. This leaves the rest of the group to be systematically persued, captured and consumed by the locals.

With modern video capture techniques the gore and violence is so confronting I’m actually glad this wasn’t a remake of “Cannibal Holocaust”. Imagine that in 4K hahah! Definition aside, the violence is not in the same league as “Cannibal Holocaust” but the impact it has puts it right up there. It would still consider this extreme gore but had it descended into the same levels of filth as “Cannibal…” I think I would have lost my lunch. Especially as I wasn’t feeling the best when I put the movie on. At least if nothing else the slightly toned down violence and gore actually allowed it to be shown in cinemas.

The Verdict

I’m not sure what horror movie purists think of this. I don’t think there was any point in remaking Cannibal Holocaust anyway. As a standalone movie The Green Inferno holds up very well. The plot makes sense and the acting is convincing. There’s nothing really too wrong with this. In fact its pretty good! One thing I liked was the way director Eli Roth made the natives seem rather friendly and down to earth. It was really hard to hate them (even as they salted the freshly dismembered corpses of the students), they came across as very human which again like “Cannibal…” raised some interesting moral issues in my head.

Definatley worth a viewing!

INTERESTING NOTE:The Green Inferno was actually the name of the found footage taken by the activists in the original Cannibal Holocaust.

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