Year of Release1986
StarringRutger Hauer

The Hitcher was another “bought on a punt” type deal. I have to say with this one It paid off nicely! Starring Rutger Hauer (Blade runner / Salute of the Jugger / Hobo with a Shotgun) as a sadistic hitchhiker who on a rainy night manages to pick up a ride from a young man Jim. It soon becomes apparent that John (Hauer) is unhinged and start making threats to kill Jim. As the tension increases, it is clear the hitcher intends to kill him.  Jim manages to boot him out of the car and flees from John. Then only to find that John the hitcher is on a murderous rampage and begins to toy with Jim in a deadly game of road “Hide and Seek” for lack of a better word.

As a stalker, Jim is unrelenting and sadistic. He enjoys messing with his victims and this makes for a great watch and the role is played perfectly by Rutger Hauer (… Almost too perfectly some might suspect). The movie is gritty and violent and really keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting to see how it will turn out. Hauers’ character John is one of the characters you love to hate.

All in all The Hitcher is a pretty cool film. It would appeal to fans of Mad Max and Wolf Creek. I really most action horror fans should be able to dig this one. There are more than respectable levels of gore and violence but this one might fall more into the thriller category. Either way its a great watch and well worth your time! I really enjoyed this one!

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