Year of Release2011
DirectorAlejandro Amenaber
StarringNicole Kidman

The Others falls into the category of ‘supernatural thriller’. At least that’s what I think.


The movie follows the trials and tribulations of Grace (played by Nicole Kidman) who lives in a large mansion with her two kids. Her husband is missing after the conclusion of the 2nd world war and the house she is staying in would appear to be haunted. Grace is approached by a housekeeping team who had previously worked at the house.

Things get darker as the children and deeply religious Grace are made aware something is going on in the house. The children have seen things and Grace does not want to believe (or more to the point her religious convictions prevent her from believing). Eventually she comes to the realization that something more than the family and housekeeping has taken residency in the house.


Nicole Kidman of course does an exemplary job of acting out her character. The two child actors are marvelous as well. This would not be strictly a horror movie but more a thriller. The acting and plot development make for a gripping tale that is expertly executed by director Alejandro Amenaber (from Spain) who to be honest I’d never heard of before. The film won a raft of awards in his home country and for good reason. The attention to detail and dialogue really puts this a level above most horror movies. Above many movies in the mainstream as well.

The Others is not a typical horror movie.  You have to be in a settled frame of mind and be prepared to give it  your full attention. If you can do that, you will be well rewarded with a great film! 

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