Year of Release1995
DirectorBrian DiMuccio, Dino Vindeni
StarringCorey Feldman

Voodoo is a straight to VHS horror film, starring Corey Feldman (Goonies etc…) Produced in 1995 this one though done on a budget, is still a pretty cool little outing. I’m not sure what the chances of actually finding this film are though as its probably lost into obscurity.

Voodoo, true to the name of the film, opens up with a fairly brutal voodoo killing. Quite well done in my opinion. It sets the tone for the film nicely. It also creates a vibe of “This is a serious horror film”. With the passing of time this and the media circus that Feldman would later become, for the sake of the movie this was fortuitous move.

Plot wise this follows Andy, who comes back to America to study with this girlfriend Rebecca. Rebecca isn’t as happy to see him as Andy would have hoped. His idea of crashing out at her place is soon quashed, so Andy shacks up with a sorority. Unfortunately for Andy, this sorority is run by the voodoo practitioner in the opening scene.

It becomes obvious from the hazing initiation that these guys are into some strange stuff. Andy finds himself stealing a corpse from the morgue. This coould have been the turning point for Andy where he could have backed out but he perseveres with the group.

Over all Voodoo is a pretty cool watch. It’s not an all time classic by any means, but definitely a decent watch.

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