I intially assumed “Wrong Turn” was a remake of a horror movie from the early 2000s. A reasonable assumption I guess. The movie although written by Alan McElroy (the creator of the original franchise) seems to be different type of beast, shares many of the same characteristics and plot similarities of the original film. A further search online showed this to be a “reboot” rather than a remake. I’m not sure what the difference really is as this seems to be just another installment in the franchise rather than anything of a remake / relauch to me. Nor does it really follow the plot of the original movie.


Either way this starts off in a similar fashion to many horror films that came before it. The group of young adults / late teens going on a summer getaway together. They drive to a remote town in Virgina where the locals are none too happy with their presence.

The friends go on a hike in the bushland and through what appears to be a freak accident a fallen tree or log rolls down the hill and kills one of the group and injures a few more. The group is understandably freaked out. They start to argue amongst themselves and the tension starts to mount. To make matters worse it starts to rain and they are trapped in the forest overnight.

The next morning another member of the group is dragged down a hold by a bizzarre trap laid out. It becomes clear they are not alone in the forest. Not long after they find their trapped friend being carried off by a couple of members of a cult residing in the forest. To save his friend, one of the group beats a cult member to death in brutal fashion. This of course invokes the anger of the rest of the cult. This is where the movie takes a different turn from the usual “gang of kids ends up in a hick-town full of cannibals / murderers” type movie into something quite unique and enjoyable.

From there the question is, can the friends get out of this situation intact? Well, that’s where you’ll have to watch the film for yourselves and find out.


Over all Wrong Turn is quite well done and kept me interested the whole way through. It’s a different take on a fairly familiar premise. Not just enough to keep the viewer interested but quite engrossed and involved in proceedings. The movie is shot and produced quite well, and there’s some quite confronting violence for the gore-hounds out there. Over all, I was glad I watched this. this movie could have been really ordinary, but turned out to be a bit of a gem!

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