Master Zombie movie director George A Romero has returned with another installment in his “dead” series, Land of the Dead. This is the fourth installment of the series. Its also the highest budget production of the series. From Night of the Living Dead to Dawn of the Dead to Day of the Dead you see a massive progression in filming, effects and horror technology through the years. This is no exception. This movie is the next evolutionary step in the evolution of the zombie in film.


It would appear the filming technology is not the only thing that evolved in this film. The zombies have started to become more intelligent. They now mimic human behaviour and start to develop lives and characteristics (Tho rather rudimentary) of their own. The living dead still seem to outnumber the living (as in Day of the Dead) and basically plaugue the planet. There are still the non-infected humans holding the fort and keeping the hope of human kind going.

The human resistance features Aussie actor Simon Baker and lengendary veteran actor Dennis Hopper.


There’s not a whole lot of plot to this except, “Humans V Zombie hordes” type thing. Don’t let that stop you though this is an enjoyable film and a cool one to watch over a few drinks without having to think too hard about proceedings. Its also cool and in some places a little funny to see the zombies develop personalities of their own!

The action is far more fast paced in this one. This really brings the zombie into the modern world. Land of the dead is a great ride. Not too much of a thinker but some great special effects and the zombies look awesome! How does it compare to Romero’s other works? Its pretty cool but it’s not the classics the others were. This is basically just a souped up version of the previous films made for modern sensibilities. I think it’s worth of watch and worthy of respect. Again, its not really a classic. Great fun though!

One good thing about this is you don’t have to be a hardcore gore fan to appreciate this. The violence and effects are top notch but its not too full on. Most teenagers and horror newbies should be able to deal with this alright. Land of the Dead also weighed in quite respectably at the box office with $40+ million dollars in takings, making it a pretty much main stream film!

If you liked this one be sure to go back and watch George Romero’s other zombie flicks Night of the Living Dead | Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead! They are all classics and well worth your time to check out!

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