Year of Release2009
DirectorGeorge A Romero

Survival of the Dead is another in the “Dead” series, continued on by legendary film maker George A Romero. Mr Romero finds himself in a difficult place. His previous films were legendary and he is probably asking himself if there is anything he can add to the legacy by putting out more films. In my opinion, YES!

As time goes on the processes behind making the films moves on too, and with it so has Romero (thankfully). This is the last of the series made in 2009 and also the last film Romero made before he died in 2017. With Advancing technology comes the potential for more explicit and violent gore, which Romero takes full advantage of.

Plot wise Survival of the Dead takes place in a world where zombies have basically taken over and humans are the endangered species. Some members of the National Guard have survived and are fighting their way to a place called plum island.

Plot wise this is fairly simple. This is one of those films where you can sit back with a beer or chat with friends but still not loose where you are in the movie if you miss a the odd bit. Plot wise, I don’t think Romero has excelled himself in anyway. He’s played it really safe, but it’s a great way to take the usual zombie story and sell it to a whole new generation. If you’re an older fan and you can turn off the brain a little, and watch the brains splatter in glorious definition! This is a great way to kill an hour and half!


The movie itself is pretty cool. It’s on par with just about any other zombie movies in recent times. It will never re-create the magic of the first 3 films for those that grew up on that, but will appeal to a younger generation who’ve grown up on the new breed of horror. Romero has crossed over quite well, even if the horror die hards don’t think so. The acting is good enough to get this one over the line. There’s nothing that would really stretch any actor in this film but at least nobody ruins it either. Over all I wouldn’t put this as essential viewing by any stretch but its a great watch and a good bit of fun!

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