Year of Release1988
DirectorDwight H Little
DirectorDonald Pleasance, Danielle Harris

Well its that time of year again, time to put on a “Halloween” movie, this time its the 4th installment aptly named Halloween 4.

After the much maligned 3rd installment (which didn’t feature Michael Myers) the team behind the franchise decided to stick with the winning team and bring back Michael for another round.


The plot picks up where part 2 left off, with Michael in the hands of the hospital from which he of course escapes. Michael is obviously a few years older (10 years older) Laurie is dead, so Myers sets his target on Laurie’s surviving daughter Jamie. Now this is a point that I think needs to be made. This is the third installment of the Michael Myers Storyline and the last of which the Myers comebacks are even remotely believable. This time Michael is heavily sedated but manages to come back to conciousness to Kill a couple of medical workers who are for whatever reason transporting his presumably sedated body.

Laurie’s daughter Jamie is still having nightmares about the Michael Myers. Fair enough too, Myers killed her Mom. The poor dear looks to be about nine years old. Jamie Stroud is played by the cute but obviously destined for bigger things Danielle Harris. Loomis is still hanging around much to the dismay of the local medical community. They, of course dismiss the long suffering Loomis’ (Myers psychologist) input on Myers so Loomis sets off on his own to track down Myers when its announced he’s absconded. Of course from here on in the body count rises as Myers makes his way back to his original stomping grounds, Haddonfeild. Michael proceeds on foot but manages to kill a service station attendant, steal a pick up truck and somehow drive to Haddonfield. This raises many questions. How did he learn to drive? Dude been locked up since he was a child. Did he learn in the clink? Who would. have taught him? Is it a plot hole?


Over all Halloween 4 is a great ride and good bit of fun. Whilst John Carpenter was not involved in this one it still seems to follow on well from part 2 and is consistent with the feel of the series. The movie itself is quite well made and shouldn’t be a let down for any of the fans of the franchise.

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