Year of Release1989
DirectorDominique Othenin-Girard
StarringDonald Pleasence, Danielle Harris

Well, its that time of the year again. Halloween. This time we’re back onto the original series and up to part 5. I have to admit I watched the first 4 a few times each but never ventured past that point so Halloween 5 was new to me!

Proceedings start with Michael Myers getting shot to peices (presumably) at the end of the last installment only to come back from the dead in true slasher fashion. I found this a bit much but at the end of the day it was never going to be a plausible return to life for Michael.

fast forward a year and its almost Halloween again. Young Jamie (Laurie Strouds’ daughter) is instutionalized and still having nightmares. She feels the presence of Michael Myers is back. Myers old counselor Loomis also feels the renewed presences of Myers and try to track him down with young Jamie before the killings begin again. Of course the plot is fairly easy to guess from here. Myers returns to Haddonfeild to renew his killing spree on the unsuspecting locals and of course Jamie.


I’m going to say from the outset there’s nothing particularly revolutionary about this movie. Its a paint by numbers slasher. Simple, clean violent fun. However it is quite well shot and produced and the continued use of Carpenters music gives it a more coherent feel. The killings are cool enough and there’s some great jump scares. Overall this is cool movie and a great way to switch off the brain and enjoy a simple slasher flick. The DVD I have of this shows an “R” rating, but there’s nothing too serious in this flick gore wise. You could quite well watch it with your children say 12 and over. Overall it’s not earth shatteringly brilliant, but I enjoyed Halloween 5.

Many others didn’t enjoy the movie, by the sounds of things. The movie is what I’d call a bit of a weak link in the series. Nor did it perform at the box office.


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