Year of Release1998
DirectorSteve Miner/td>
StarringJamie Lee Curtis, LL Cool J, Janet Leigh

Well, its another halloween here in Australia, so with that its time to watch another installment in the Halloween franchise, this time Halloween H20 is on the chopping block and up for review. Honestly, I can’t remember If I’ve seen this one or not. The previous couple of installments had less than glowing reviews with many movie going punters getting tired of the franchise. Not me though! I quite liked them and was still happy to keep watching

Halloween H20 starts of fairly inncously, with the kids trick or treating around the town for halloween. It’s not long before Michael Myers shows up again and starts up yet another bloody rampage. My opinion on franchises that go this long is that if you’ve stuck around this far you’re obviously here because you want to be. You probably just want more of the same anyway. This installment basically starts off the same way. The creepy intro music, the flashbacks from the previous film set us up for another installment.

Jamie Lee Curtis of course reprises her role as Laurie Strode, who of course is now 20 years older than she was in the original film. She has her own, fragmented family now and is obviously still struggling to deal with certain issues. She’s taken on a new identity and job as a high school teacher, in the hope that her past won’t catch up to her. Obviously we know that it does, hence the existence of this film.

Obviously Michael Myers returns to finish off earlier business and the killing starts again. The kills are great and so is the action. The movie rolls along well and really, I’ve got no complaints with the film. It is however basically just “More of the same” so dont expect anything too groundbreaking. I’d much rather this than producers trying to be different for the sake of it and sending Myers to space or back in time or something outlandish.

It seems the long time fans and a few new ones were all keen to check this movie out as it had a higher box office take than any previous Halloween films until the the 2018 remake of Halloween. So in that way it was definitley worth doing.

This is by no means a bad movie, its well produced and shot, but it does feel like a bit more of the “same old same old”. The hardcore fans will stick it out this long, but others will get tired of it by this the 7th chapter in the long running series.

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