FRIDAY 13th PART 2 (1981)

Year of Release1981
DirectorSteve Miner

It’s Friday the 13th here in Australia. What better way to celebrate the occasion by watching Friday the 13th part 2 movie? Friday the 13th (along with Halloween) set the standard for all slasher flicks  to follow. So how does part 2 stack up? To be honest I can’t really remember. It had been so long since I’ve seen this one. But it was great to pull out the box set and relive the follow up that I watched so long ago.

If you haven’t seen the original I strongly recommend you do. It’s a classic film but also useful to be able to put everything in chronological order. Its not necessary to enjoy this film, but defs recommended in my opinion. Either way whatever you decide to do It’s pretty easy to follow this film (though this following review could ruin the plot for you if you’re one of the few horror fiends on the planet that still haven’t seen it).


Friday the 13th Part 2 opens up with a dream sequence recap of the first movie through the mind of the lone surviving teenager, Alice (which makes it easy for newcomers to follow the plot). Alice is obviously messed up from the whole affair and 5 years after the event is still having nightmares regarding Mrs. Vorhees and the boy in the lake which she’s sure she’s seen. Meanwhile, camp Crystal Lake has reopened for a new bunch of teenagers to experience the joys of the great outdoors.

Whilst obviously Mrs. Voorhees had been decapitated in the first film it turns out the body of her supposedly drowned son had never been found. Much less confirmed dead. Somehow he’d been surviving in the woods on his own (no mean feat for a mentally disabled lad… not really what I’d call a plot hole, but the only hard to swallow aspect in an otherwise quite reasonable plot sequence) and wants revenge for the death of his mother. Jason begins to take it out on the camp inhabitants one by one starting with the death of the old crazy dude from the first film.

Whilst the first film was an all time classic this is a more than worthy follow up.  It’s here that the legend of Jason Vorhees really starts to develop. Overall it’s not really that much of a thinker, but more of a genuine slasher film. It can be enjoyed on your own or with friends but either way its great fun and a cool watch!

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