FRIDAY THE 13th Part 6

Year of Release1986
DirectorTom McLoughlin

Well, its that time of the calendar againm this time its Friday 13th part 6 on the coroners table for us to review.

This time round the movie opens with Tommy (From the last movie) and Allen digging up the grave of Jason Vorhees. Why? To make sure Jason’s body is burnt and goes to hell. presumably to stop him from coming back. Of course its a stormy and rainy night the mood is suitably set for the return of Jason. Lightning strikes and of course hits the now exposed corpse of Jason and sparks life into his maggot ridden body once again.

The newly re-animated corpse then slaughters Allen and begins to make his way back to his old haunt, Camp Crystal Lake. The camp has been renamed to Camp Forest Green in an attempt to help the locals forget about the tradgedies that occurred there. It is however, not long before Jason starts slaughtering a new generation of teens and young adults.

Overall Friday The 13th Part 6 is a great bit of fun. Its not too much of a thinker. If you can suspend the feelings of disbelief, It provides the Voorhees fix we all need. If you’ve ventured this far into a franchise, by now you all know what to expect. Lots of killings, cute teenage girls and the rest of it. Just sit back and enjoy! The more astute and musically keen amongst you will notice some Alice Cooper in the soundtrack as well! Nice touch!

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