FRIDAY THE 13th Part 7

Year of Release1988
DirectorJohn Carl Buechler
StarringKane Hodder

Another Friday the 13th, another excuse to watch another installment in one of the most popular horror movie franchises ever, Friday the 13th Part 7. I’m going to be honest, it’s been a while since I’ve watched any of the previous installments but thankfully there was a bit of a recap at the start of the film to get the old grey matter ticking again. Part 7 was the first to feature Kane Hodder as Jason Vorhees.

Yet another comeback

It’s important with movies like this to suspend disbelief a little. There’s no logical way old mate could come back from his watery tomb when one uses strict logic. However if movies were bound by such laws we wouldn’t have these numerous sequels to this and other horror franchises. (Halloween being another example of this). Once we get past the first few movies like this By this time the box office had fallen a little but this movie was still profitable and worth doing. Movies like this are a guilty pleasure, we know what we’re in for, and generally speaking we just want another hit. So, without further ado, and brain switched into Auto-pilot mode, here we go with a review of part 7.

The plot

The movie kicks off with a dream sequence of teenager, Tina who is going back Camp Crystal Lake as a sort of therapy. The tradition of super-cute teenagers in the camp continues as the family take up in a cabin with the other holiday makers. Tina still hasn’t gotten over her last encounter with Jason. Some issue with “psycho-kinetic” engery or something stirs Jason in his watery tomb. He must be like Freddy Krueger to some degree where keeping him in the collective consciousness keeps him alive (or in this case can bring him back). Whether you buy into this or not, he’s back and ready to do this again.

Another group of teenagers / young adults at the camp invite Anna out to go party with them. The usual premise of teenagers misbehaving and we have the start of another slash fest, that quite frankly feels like home. Jason starts on his murderous rampage. Can the teens stop him? Well, we pretty much already know the answer to this one and what’s going to happen, but its enjoyable to watch, none the less.

Its easy to think Friday the 13th Part 7 isn’t really offering anything new. For the most part it isn’t. There is a subplot of tele-kenesis, a power which lead girl Tina possesses. The production values on this are pretty cool. There’s some level of supernatural goings on “Freddy Krueger” vibes later on in the film (but if you can get past Jason coming back for the sixth time this shouldn’t bother you too much) but I won’t spoil the suprise for you. This is enjoyable to watch and easy to follow if you’re watching with friends and having a few beers. The kills are great and the movie is a good watch from start to finish. Not a classic but I don’t think anyone watching this far into the series is that concerned either way.


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