FRIDAY THE 13th part 5

Year of Release1985
DirectorDanny Steinmann

Well, its that special time of the year. In honour of this day it was only natural to put on the next installment of what was for many years the most popular horror franchise in the world. On went Friday the 13th part 5.

This installment opens up with a nightmare sequence of Tommy Jarvis who killed Jason in the previous installment. Tommy is now a few years older, heavily medicated and has been put in a mental health facility. A series of strange murders happens in the town they are staying in. The body count starts rising rapidly as someone resembling Jason Voorhees starts on a murderous rampage. Is it Jason himself come back from the dead? I guess you’ll have to watch the film to find out!

I’m not sure if the producers of this movie were trying to inject a little comedy into proceedings, but some of the acting is really hammy. It serves to add an element of humour even if it is unintended. Some of the plot sequencing seemed a little disjointed for me. More importantly though, the body count is high. The killings are also quite inventive for a slasher film. I’m going to say I had quite a lot of fun watching this one. Again this one is not really an intellectual experience but there’s plently of violence (and a few uncovered knockers) to keep every slasher fan happy. One of the simple pleasures in life!

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