It’s Easter Sunday here in Australia and what better way to celebrate than with a screening of one of my all time favorate films, The Exorcist? Obviously a film I hold in such high regard is never going…

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  Just got myself a swanky new big screen television, so what better way to kick things off than the Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Originally shot in 1974 by director Tobe Hooper,  this really upped the ante in terms…

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SLAYER – You against you (2017 video clip)

Slayer - You Against You (video clip) https://www.gorenography.com

Legendary US thrash metal band, Slayer have come through with the goods again with another horrific (but awesome) video clip to their song you against you. Check it out here:     Its also a prequel to the…

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Hellraiser - Deader

Hellraiser Deader is yet another installment in the long running Hellraiser Franchise. Hellraiser’s main character “Pinhead” is  horror icon, and one of the most recognisable characters in the horror genre. I don’t know how to feel about this…

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Caligula is a hard one to review. As a film it is very well shot. The dialogue and acting is amazing and no expense has been spared with the production of this film. It is captivating for almost…

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